My Friend Ed – Teaching Past Tense Verbs

So, I had the opportunity to facilitate my first lesson in my Grade 3 placement class the other day. It went well so I thought I would share it with all of you.

A fellow teacher candidate of mine brought up the idea of “my friend Ed” to help one of her students remember to add -ed endings to regular past tense verbs. I thought this idea was SO CUTE, I just had to expand on it!

The students had just finished learning about verbs, so I started with a quick recall of what a regular verb was. To get them excited for the lesson I explained that we were going to have a visitor come into out class, and introduced them to “My Friend Ed”. In this case I just tried to find a GIF of a male character waving, and the internet brought me to Max Goof.


The thing about Ed was that he was very shy and often likes to hide. So as a class, we had to find Ed, behind the past tense verbs in the story “Froggy Plays T-Ball”

I transferred the book onto SMART Notebook, and found a picture of an excited Ed (aka. Max Goof) that I could copy and paste. I pasted this photo of Ed on top of all the past tense verbs ending with “-ed” and animated the photo so that it was hidden until you clicked on the word.

I would read each page and then ask the kids to locate the past tense verbs. One student would come up to the board and click on the word which they believe is a past tense verb ending in -ed, if the word was right, when they clicked it, the photo of “Ed” would appear.


The kids were all extremely engaged, and they could not wait to come up and “Find Ed”.

Reflectively, I believe that having each student come up once was enough timeĀ  for this activity, and going further they would have lost interest. It is a good introduction activity to locating regular past tense verbs, and could be followed by a dramatic scene that uses past tense -ed verbs, or practice writing the past tense of present tense verbs.