First Post – Final Year

You know, starting up this blog has really made me think that I should of done this a lot earlier. The idea of reflecting on my progress as a student and future teacher as I move throughout my undergrad is something that would have been beneficial to me in the long run. But, I’m starting now. I am in my final semester of my Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Studies, with one more year remaining in school for me to complete teachers college and receive my Bachelor of Education. I have definitely learned a lot about myself and within my fields of study during the years, but I know there is so much more for me to learn.

I am currently taking a course EDUC 4P27: 21st Century Literacies Across the Primary/Junior Curriculum. It is a course that is supposed to develop from the knowledge I gained last semester about backwards design, and the Know Do and Be’s of the Ontario Curriculum. While some of my blogs will be directed towards part of an assessment task, I hope to post personal blogs about my growth outside of this class as well as create a ‘never ending hand bag’ full of tips, tricks and ideas for future classrooms.


This week in class we have used the ‘jigsaw’ method to learn about multiple 21st century literacies. While I have never been a fan of the jigsaw method in the classroom I understand the purpose and positive aspects it brings to student’s learning (for those who are unfamiliar with the jigsaw method, the basic steps and other information can be found here). What I took away from this activity actually came from the discussions my group and I had at the end of  each presentation rather than the presentations themselves. Each literacy is so different and complex, yet they somehow manage to connect to each other. We created a mind map that would help us visualize these connections.


One over arching theme we discovered is the aspect of critical literacy, and how being critical is an important aspect in almost all other literacies, explicitly in some such as environmental literacy, and implicitly in others. While I am comfortable in my understanding of each literacy, I am still weary of how to implement this into my future classroom. The 21st century literacies are a new concept to me, never explicitly experiencing them in my own education makes it difficult for me to imagine the implementation in my own classroom. I am feeling slightly overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge I am supposed to help my students achieve, not only do I have to follow the curriculum expectations, but integrating these literacies adds an additional challenge. Yet, my goal is to not shy away. Hopefully this class will help me gain a deeper understanding of the literacies and how I can manage my time to connect all literacies to the curriculum. Throughout my next blog posts for this class you will hopefully be able to see my increased knowledge and understanding of each literacy.

I am excited to start this new blogging adventure with my readers, I hope to incorporate my experiences as a tutor and after school programer, as well as previous experiences of international travel and volunteer work in my reflections. Making both you and I aware of how I have evolved as a student, and will continue to evolve as a teacher.