Class Connections to Other Blogs

One of the blogs I am following includes Ms. Cassidy’s, whom professor Drake recommended. Those in the class who follow her have seen that the majority of her posts last month involved a girl named Emmy Barr, who has Williams syndrome and was starting her own caramel business. Through the few blogs posted by Ms. Cassidy, you can see the children actively supporting Emmy’s business through posters which encourage those around the school to vote for her (in the end Emmy did win second place!).

The classroom involvement in supporting Emmy was very strongly rooted in technology and media literacy. The students understood the importance of access to technology in order to vote for Emmy, and the variety of ways they could do this, including the iPads in their classroom as well using cellphones in the older classrooms. While Ms. Cassidy did not mention this in her blog, the students pitching Emmy’s business to the Moose Jaw radio station and also contacting global news are great ways to talk about how we use media to connect and communicate messages.

I also believe that a great way to continue student learning after Emmy’s project could involve some financial literacy. A project such as the Lesson discussed in the Crawford & West article where the classes were given the opportunity to create and plan their own businesses using real-world resources would be a great connection to Emmy, who started her own caramel business. Obviously, the project would have to be simplified for the students, but it would be a great introduction for them to understand how much money they (or Emmy) would need to start her own business, and all the costs Emmy must consider.