Hi everyone! My name is Chanice Horuc-Lake, I am currently a teacher candidate at Brock University in the Primary/Junior level. Sometimes I like to think I am an amateur photographer, I do get a nice shot every once in a while (seen below).

This blog was originally created as a part of an assessment task in one of my fourth year education classes, but I hope to build on my posts and continue to document relevant information and events in my teaching career. I am currently enrolled in a Teaching and Learning with Technology course, so you may see my next few posts are focused on technology in the classroom! If you want to look at all my posts for this class, visit my Tech Know Teach category.

You’ll notice my blog has a large focus on global education. This is because I am currently extremely interested in global and multicultural literacy/education. I am a big traveler, and I will continue to post about my travels and what I learned during each experience. You can learn a little about my past travels starting here.

You can also follow me on pinterest and twitter!

Enjoy my blog. I am happy to accept any feedback!


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