Let Genius Hour Begin!

Those who follow me already know I have a passion for global education and global citizenship. So when the opportunity presented itself to participate in my own genius hour, can you take a guess at what I have chosen to learn more about? My genius hour question is How can I encourage my students to become global citizens?

Photo found here


At this stage in my learning, I am debating what direction I want to take it. On one hand I could look at creating an actual global citizenship program, on the other hand, maybe I just want to find a variety of resources and create a portfolio based on curriculum integration. While I know the latter is the easy way out, I think I would like to focus on a program that I can implement across curriculum subjects. Since my next placement will be in a junior grade, my research is going to focus on grades 4-6 in hopes that I can implement some of my ideas in my block.

I have previously posted about some of the resources found during my “Global Education” class in fourth year, so I have a basis on where to start my research. If you don’t remember these posts, you can find them in my Global Education Resources category. I have also started using my Pinterest to collect some resources and activities that I may want to consider in the future.

I am looking forward to continuing this Genius Hour project! I think participating in my own genius hour will help me implement it my own classroom.


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