Ten Teacher Tips: Engaging English Language Learners

Check out some tips for teaching English Language Learners, written by a fellow teacher candidate!

Source: Ten Teacher Tips: Engaging English Language Learners


YOGAtta try this in your class!

During my last placement I had the wonderful opportunity to witness the addition of an 8 week yoga program to our classroom. The grade 3 students got the chance to participate in 40 minutes of yoga every Wednesday and Thursday. Initially I was unsure of the benefits of this program, as the first two sessions were not very successful for my highly energetic class who could not find that “stillness”.

But, after participating in the final session this week, it is a totally different experience. Over the past 8 weeks, the students were excited to go to yoga every week. Even the most behaviourally challenging students asked to have yoga every day. As the weeks passed, the students gradually were able lay still for longer periods of time, their balance improved, and they were able to hold a pose that they could not during the first session.

One of our peaceful yoga sessions!

I have read a few articles about the positive impacts yoga has for student learning, including this one by a Penn State student J. Buterbaugh. After this experience in my practicum, I hope to implement a yoga program in my future classroom because I believe it would be beneficial to all of my students. If I were to do anything differently, it would be to ensure the yoga session is prior to active learning. During my practicum, students went straight to recess after the session, so I am not sure if the yoga impacted the classroom to its full extent.

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Let Genius Hour Begin!

Those who follow me already know I have a passion for global education and global citizenship. So when the opportunity presented itself to participate in my own genius hour, can you take a guess at what I have chosen to learn more about? My genius hour question is How can I encourage my students to become global citizens?

Photo found here


At this stage in my learning, I am debating what direction I want to take it. On one hand I could look at creating an actual global citizenship program, on the other hand, maybe I just want to find a variety of resources and create a portfolio based on curriculum integration. While I know the latter is the easy way out, I think I would like to focus on a program that I can implement across curriculum subjects. Since my next placement will be in a junior grade, my research is going to focus on grades 4-6 in hopes that I can implement some of my ideas in my block.

I have previously posted about some of the resources found during my “Global Education” class in fourth year, so I have a basis on where to start my research. If you don’t remember these posts, you can find them in my Global Education Resources category. I have also started using my Pinterest to collect some resources and activities that I may want to consider in the future.

I am looking forward to continuing this Genius Hour project! I think participating in my own genius hour will help me implement it my own classroom.