When is too Early to Google?

You know, I’ve always had this inner debate in my head about children and technology. I didn’t have access to google as a child, I had dial up internet, I didn’t have a phone until I was in grade 11; yet I turned out fine, so why do parents let their children have access to this stuff at such an early age? But, then I remember, that our society is advancing, we are moving into this 21st century classroom right from entry into schools in junior kindergarten, and I can see the perks! I believe my unease comes from a moral panic of all the dangers of the internet.

Aviva wrote a blog back in February, called “Reading and Writing, Google Style“. When I reread this blog while thinking about this RPAT, I realized, hey! Google is a resource!

During this blog, Aviva taught her students how to conduct a google search, and they were only in grade 1! This really made me think critically about my own perspective of children as active researchers. I think the dominant discourse of age=competency may have influenced my opinion of children’s ability to use the internet for research at such a young age. Then I realized, how else are children able to gain the ability to research appropriately unless we teach them? Why can’t we start teaching them in grade 1? (Notice my reflective practice being conducted here 😉 – Aviva is a strong example of a reflective practitioner)

Research is such a big part of the inquiry process that drives the new story model. I think as a 21st century teacher it is important to teach students how to use online resources such as google, so they are able to recognize appropriate and more scholarly resources/websites, which as Aviva demonstrates, children can do at the young age of 6-7.


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