Taking a Break from Inquiry

Sometimes all that inquiry within a 21st century classroom can really get to your head, and I believe it is important to ensure that students take breaks. Mrs. Lirette posted an very interesting resources called GoNoodle

GoNoodle is a free resource which can be used as a classroom management technique, as a way to refresh students minds, or keep them busy while still learning. While most activities focus on physical activity (which still be connected to the curriculum), there are also some other math and vocabulary activities, or the “think about it” activities (seen in the picture below), which have students think about topics such as teamwork, conflict management, or making someone happy. gonoodle

With the right direction, these activities would make a great addition to a 21st century classroom. Simply, the activity incorporates the technological aspect, as well as the student-centered part, assuming the teacher will allow student’s to pick the activities, and the students actually enjoy these “Brain Breaks” (even I think they look fun!). But the activities that require some thought process could be used as introductions to the teaching of moral and character literacies. These types of discussion could thoroughly improve classroom climate by having student relations grow, but also allowing them to individually think about their morals for topics such as teamwork, attitude, etc.

You could also use GoNoodle as a strategy to engage less confident learners, because these activities make learning subjects such as math and language fun, without overwhelming or intimidating students. GoNoodle is a technological opportunity for differentiated learning.


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