Student Tweets

We all know, and more than likely use, the infamous Twitter. Prior to this course I was aware that some teacher’s used twitter in their classrooms, but until my exploration of both Aviva’s and Ms. Cassidy’s blog, I always assumed it was simply the teacher tweeting some daily activities, not actually allowing students to compose tweets themselves. I previously discussed the use of twitter as a teacher resource in my blog #whatisschool. But I personally think I may enjoy the idea of a student led twitter account rather than an account I use for professional development. While the latter is important for a 21st century teacher to create online networks, I do not really enjoy the use of twitter and find that matter somewhat complex.

But, providing student’s the ability to tweet, I believe can give them a sense of agency, which needs to be present to become successful 21st century learners. Ms. Cassidy provides a collection of student tweets for one St. Patrick’s day activity called My Pot of Gold. After going through the tweets, you can see that some student’s provided multiple answers, which I interpreted as not only interest in the subject, but also as excitement to participate in this social network.

It is uncommon for student’s in primary grades to have access to their own twitter account, so I believe incorporating the social network into the classroom provides and excitement factor that a teacher can use to drive student learning. Twitter provides teachers with the opportunity to teach media literacy and the importance of how you convey yourself in the online world. While also providing a gateway for collaboration between classrooms and even parents.

Twitter can be used as a resource in student directed learning and inquiry, as they can locate similar topics through hashtags, leading to a variety of resources.


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