The Advocates for Human Rights

As a big supporter of humans rights, specifically children’s rights, I would love to incorporate the Discover Human Rights Institute website into my classroom. Unlike the teachUNICEF website, this human rights website can be used by the majority of people, whether they want to learn more, get involved or teach about human rights. As Canadians we are unfortunately not able to access all the resources of this site, such as have the advocate group conduct presentations or events, but there are accessible resources online. This website could be used as a resource for the teacher, where they can find lesson plans and activities, but it could also be used as a site for student participation. In the Human Rights for Students section, students can explore human rights at their own pace and through their own learning styles. It was the games link that interested me the most and something that I would incorporate into my classroom, to bring that technological aspect to my classroom while keeping the activities easy to understand. One issue I did find with the links to the games was that a couple of the games were not available anymore, but either way there were still a variety of games which focused on a variety of human rights, which I believe junior students would enjoy.

In general, navigating this page is not too difficult because there are a variety of headings constantly on the page which make it easy to figure out where you need to go. The one concern I have about this website is the amount of clicking I have to go through to get to a specific resource, such as a lesson plan. But, I did enjoy how the lesson plans were an automatic PDF download. The visual aspect of the website varied based on the audience, the student section consisted of cartoons, brightly coloured headings, charts and pictures, while the educators section was plain and did not consist of very many visual effects besides the odd picture.


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